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Chef Tom

Chef Tom

Elephant Sushi

San Francisco

Incredible sushi chef and owner of the neighborhood gem, the Elephant Sushi restaurant, one of the 2012's top new restaurants in San Francisco. Can help you to learn the nuts and bolts of Japanese cuisine.

Chef James

Chef James

Personal Chef

San Francisco Bay Area

A professional chef with literary tendencies, I love, cook, and write about American food culture. My latest project was a cookbook for the Allagash Brewing Company. I created fifty recipes that pull from American regional cuisine designed specifically for ten of Allagash's finest beers.

Chef Devon

Chef Devon

The Terrace Room


An award winning San Francisco Bay Area based chef, has been working in the restaurant industry for the past 20 years. Has become renowned for his work as a seafood chef and as the creator of the “One Fermented Evening” dining series, a creative showcase of his culinary talent and showmanship.

Chef Michael

Chef Michael


San Francisco

I'm Michael Reining and I work as the Executive Sous Chef at Postrio Café and Bar in San Francisco. I'm a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, I have cooked in restaurants and corporate catering kitchens, pie shops and even Jack-In-The-Box (my first cooking gig when I was 18).

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